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Portrait image of Pastor Toni Brooke-Brown

Toni-Brooke Brown is a licensed, and ordained minister of the WORD. She has a passion for those who are lost... bound by addictions; homeless; abused; alone; and broken.

Street ministry, outreach and evangelism are the core of her ministry. She Pastors God's Storehouse, an outreach ministry in Detroit, founded by she and her family, in 1998. Also, Toni-Brooke Brown is the founder and Executive Director of Outstretched Arms, a residential Discipleship Program and Training Center, for men and women struggling with addiction.

Toni is the author of the devotional book, 'Watch Your Step'. She hosts a morning prayer line, 7 days a week, from 6:00-6:20am (EST).

Along with the work of the ministry, she loves speaking and teaching evangelism/outreach, to ministries as well as in classes or workshops. Toni-Brooke Brown believes that God restores broken lives through HIS WORD.

She's not trying to be fancy; but real. Not trying to impress anybody; but wants to reach everybody. Chains are broken through the WORD of GOD; people are freed from addictions; bondages; generational curses and ungodly soul ties. GOD is real!

If you would like someone to speak to your church or group, about evangelism, outreach, or restoring broken lives: Or you would like to have a workshop to train your congregation in taking the gospel outside of the walls, please contact Toni-Brooke Brown.


Contact Information

God's Storehouse
18301 John R Street
Detroit, MI, 48203

Telephone - 248.224.0824

Telephone or FAX - 313.867.1234