A Non-Profit Christian Charitable Organization



God's Storehouse began in 1989 as a street ministry, where we worked out of our vans. We searched for the homeless, and took food and blankets to condemned homes that were occupied by families. We also began to adopt families in need, through various organizations, until we were able to purchase our current building in 2000. We moved into our current facility and began to provide food, clothing, blankets, and other items, as donated, on a weekly basis. In addition to the material items, we offered weekly Bible classes for both adults and youth, prayer meeting, and counseling through the Word of God. We continued our street ministry, as we believe that we must go outside of the four walls to reach people. Each year, we have also been blessed to have the opportunity to provide Christmas for many children and families. Because of the donations from loving individuals, we have provided coats, clothing, toys, bikes, etc. We thank God for our sponsors!



As we continue to offer Open Door Mission Services; prayer; biblical counseling; hot meals and groceries; Children's outreach and adult street outreach: We continue sponsoring families for Christmas, and offer other services for those with life struggling issues. Pastor Brown also runs ‘Outstretched Arms’, a residential/nonresidential ministry for women in crisis. This allows additional help, and services, for those coming through God’s Storehouse, ready for change.



We are currently seeking to obtain a food truck to better distribute our hot meals, and essentials. We are currently using a van, and serving the community. However, we would serve greater numbers; with the ability to minister to more needs with a more efficient vehicle. It is the goal to see more lives changed through ministering Christ, and showing the love of GOD, to as many as possible.